We are opening up the farm to the public in Summer 2024. Please keep an eye on our website and social media sites for the big announcement.

Our beautiful wine tasting room will be open to the public from Summer 2024. You’ll then be able to come and enjoy one of our distinguished tasting options.

We are planning to open up our activities as we progress with our strategic plan. 

We do fully intend to re-launch our Fyndraai Restaurant which will also allow for picnics on the farm. Farm tours will also be restarted in Summer 2024.

Overall we will ensure to make your day out as memorable as can be. 

History and culture is of utmost importance to us and we might take a bit longer to reopen the museum to ensure we bring you the best experience while taking care to preserve the history and portray the culture contained in the best possible way. 

This is our celebration along with you for a new harvest and a new chance to making a community success story. The harvest festival aimed at celebrating traditional music and Cape cooking is fully in planning stage. Oesfees will be back on Saturday, April 6th, 2024

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Tasting Room
Open Daily 11AM - 5 PM